Cacto Loco


A crazy adventure starring ... a cactus


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Cacto Loco is a traditional arcade game where you play a moving cactus that will have to make its way through different levels shooting its spines at every enemy that shows up.

Cacto Loco's story is definitely the most bizarre thing about the game. Two lovers spending a lovely afternoon together are surprised by a shaman who, for no apparent reason, turns the man into a cactus and scares the woman away. A couple of years later, when the curse begins to fade away, the man is finally able to move (albeit still as a cactus) and runs off in search of his love.

The gameplay, all cacti aside, will probably remind you of Gun Smoke. You'll have to make your way through levels brimming with enemies from an overhead view while you kill them all. Simple, effective and fun.

Cacto Loco is a very entertaining traditional arcade that has not only a bizarre story and lovely pixelated graphics but also an addictive gameplay where skill is the most important thing of all.
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